Public Arts Project

An artistic Partnership with the City of Bloomington, the Downtown Bloomington Association & the McLean County Arts Center

The Mission: To develop multiple downtown Bloomington Illinois mural projects which will promote the creative expression of local artists and provide an enriching visual experience to residents and visitors of Bloomington.

Sites: The murals will be placed on various locations in partnership with building owners and the City of Bloomington.

More information can be found at the McLean County Arts Center website.

NEW PROJECT!! Traffic Signal Boxes! Beginning  Summer 2016

to THIS!!
Example of traffic box

The DBA Design Committee is currently seeking artists to help beautify
traffic signal boxes downtown, following a successful pilot program made possible through the cooperation of the City of Bloomington!

Artist applications are now being accepted for the second phase of this fun project.
Please email all inquiries to Joann Goetzinger at

DUE DATE FOR application and design SUBMISSION – October 17, 2016. However, if you get it in by the end of this week it will be accepted.

This fun project. It involves directly painting on a downtown Bloomington control box, covering all four sides and top. We are asking for designs from artists which show their individual approach to art. There is no proposed theme. The best designs from applicants will be chosen by a committee. To apply, return the application form and a drawing of your design for the box

Read the following very carefully.
Boxes are to be painted with the acrylic paint which we will provide for you. We will prime the box for you, plus offer a stipend of $250.00 for your artistic design and time on the job. Remember to include all four sides and the top in your plan’s design. We reserve the right to critique and suggest changes to your final product. Once your box is completed and accepted, you will receive your stipend.

To educate and inspire you, there are several websites to see. Cities such as Boston have done this project with great success. see the and look for the paintbox project for some examples. Please search google for other sites if you want to see other cities which have done this project. Then sketch your idea.
All work submitted must be original.

Good luck and have fun with the project. We look forward to your proposal.

The Design Committee, DBA, Bloomington, IL
Traffic Box Committee
Martha Burk, chair; Joann Goetzinger, and Marlene Gregor

2016 Mural Project

The DBA has facilitated a mural collaboration that joins them with The McLean County Diversity Project and NOT IN OUR TOWN. A series of educational workshops was held in the BCPA Creativity Center which culminated in the participating students’ throughtful design for an art wall that spoke to the missions of NOT IN OUR TOWN, The Diversity Project and the DBA.

Not In Our Town is a movement to stop hate, address bullying, and build safe, inclusive communities for all.

McLean County Diversity Project – Our mission is to foster a functional and rational acceptance of the differences which reside in us all.

Downtown Bloomington Association – The Downtown Bloomington Association envisions an active and vibrant downtown that preserves the historic character, enhances natural resources and encourages new and continuing opportunities for growth, economically, socially and culturally. The vision of DBA fosters pride and promotes a positive image of Downtown Bloomington. This vision supports existing citizens as well as attracts new businesses and visitors thus enhancing the quality of life for all members of the community.

Work is in progress at the corner of Olive and Albert Streets across from the Bloomington Public Library. The students are being guided by artist and mentor Vince Bobrosky.

Diversity mural 1 Diversity Mural 5 - Panels